The world’s only online virtual moderating software, used to gain deeper insights through probing.

How to Use

Socrates’ technology is available to use in several different services. From full scale market research surveys, built and hosted by Quester’s team of experts, to custom applications using the Socrates API. The use of Socrates is only limited by your imagination.

In-Depth-Interviews by Quester

Quester has over 30 years of market research experience and expertise. Quester can work with you and your company to design a survey utilizing quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

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Socrates API

Develop your own custom application and leverage the power of Socrates with the Socrates API. The possibilities and uses for Socrates technology are endless.

Contact Quester to get your own Socrates API access code or sign up for a free Socrates OnDemand account where you can get access to the API as well.

Socrates OnDemand

Quester’s interviewing SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows users to use Socrates “On Demand”. Users are able to setup and configure their own projects by utilizing Quester’s point and click dashboard. Once projects are created, all necessary code to embed Quester’s Interactive Text Box (ITB) in the user’s survey or application is generated.

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Quester Inside

As more and more research has moved to the online arena, less and less depth is collected in the open-ended responses. Quester Inside brings the depth back to the open-ends as respondents are probed for definition, rationale and personal relevance. Users embed Quester’s Interactive Text Box (ITB) into their survey systems so to the respondents the exchange is seamless.

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