Aristotle API

The Aristotle OnDemand API allows you to run various reports from the Aristotle OnDemand application programmatically. To run a report, you send an HTTP POST request to Aristotle OnDemand. The body of the request is a JSON object that identifies the user and specifies the data the report is being generated for.




The API has multiple versions that are used to prevent changes to the API from negatively impacting your application. Development of new features will always be on the most current version of the API, while development on previous versions of the API will be limited to severe bug fixes only.



In order to use the API, you’ll need your access token. Simply log into your Aristotle OnDemand account and go to the account page. Your access token is listed under your account number.

Report Types

The Aristotle OnDemand API offers one report type at this time.