Interactive Text Box

The Quester Inside Interactive Text Box enhances open-ended questions by incorporating in-depth probing. The Interactive Text Box works similar to an instant messaging session, where follow-up probes are delivered by our automated conversational moderator, Socrates. Probing is based on the language used by the respondent, so thought flow is preserved. Using Targeted Probing, key areas of investigation can be programmed into the system allowing partners to obtain definition of key issues without leading respondents to a particular conclusion. This results in deeper insights for the partners, adding color and richness to the qualitative elements of the research.

The Quester Inside Interactive Text Box is a pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS implementation using AJAX. This allows it to be used in any JavaScript enabled browser, including many mobile devices! This design allows the Interactive Text Box to be integrated into a partner’s current interface or platform, ensuring a seamless transition for the user or respondent.

Open-ended questions will be shown in the ITB and the respondent taking the interview will be able to type their responses directly in the ITB.

Every time the ITB is shown is called an ITB instance. A project can have a single ITB instance or multiple ITB instances. The ITB can be used multiple times throughout the interview and it is aware of previously asked questions, probes, and responses. Multiple open-ended questions can be asked in a single ITB.