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var data = "{\"access_token\":\"eOiB7XbsEZxH74cS17q4qUZMrW8KxZLMzTIeGoZoxGg\",\"data\":{\"stimuli\":[{\"name\":\"1\",\"type\":\"Verbatim\"},{\"name\":\"2\",\"type\":\"Verbatim\"},{\"name\":\"3\",\"type\":\"Verbatim\"},{\"name\":\"4\",\"type\":\"Verbatim\"}],\"responses\":[{\"1\":\"I buy one and by the gallon whatever store brand is available store brands are alway\",\"2\":\"well established I remember the Borden brand from my\"},{\"1\":\"value two vitamin enriched good sourse of calisum store brand s much cheaper. on a budget and look for best buy\",\"2\":\"It is agood name brand it is well known nation wide\",\"3\":\"it is more expensive than other brands I work on a budget and only have a limited amount to spend on food\"},{\"1\":\"I look for the expiration date the price It has to be fresh or I won't buy it.\",\"2\":\"Tastes good fresh. I like fresh milk and the taste.\",\"4\":\"I was told by my daughter it was good I bought it and I like it. That it was fresh tasting.\"},{\"1\":\"Price look for sales for milk and soy milk\",\"2\":\"Elsie the Cow nothing\"},{\"1\":\"I'd rather buy Dairy Fresh because it tastes better but it is much higher than the others. I buy Borden's two and Great Value one . I like Dairy Fresh better but as I said it is too expensive thus right now I am buying a cheaper brand.\",\"2\":\"I know it is a good brand and is somewhat cheaper than Dairy Fresh so I generally buy this one in the two . I like\",\"4\":\"I bought it in the two because it is a little cheaper. I didn't like the store brand taste. I'd pay a little more for Borden's over the store brand because of the taste and wish I could buy Dairy Fresh.\"},{\"1\":\"usually only one brand available at my food store and i buy that. only one brand too purchase\",\"2\":\"good quality it means that I won't be poisoned when I drink it\"},{\"1\":\"I buy two milk low iin calores I have used this so long that whole milk is too thick for me. I usually buy one two gal as I live alone and milk goes bad before I can use more than that. I do like the plastic I am diabetic and take oral meds and diet so when I can cut calories I will\",\"2\":\"Good old type of dairy has been around a long time I am seventy one yrs old and sdI grow up drinking Bordens\"},{\"1\":\"Usually buy store brand the price and if it is skim milk\",\"2\":\"The ad on TV none-I have not seen it in stores\"},{\"1\":\"I look for skim lowfat.carbs mostly latose free I cannot use regular milk for drinking so it must be latose free if its chocolate milk it must be fat free also. At times I use low fat for cooking\",\"2\":\"It makes me think o freshness from a cow I guess because of the picture on the carton\"},{\"1\":\"Whole milk and price. I want it under four a gallon.\",\"2\":\"Elsie the cow I remember as a kid seeing that cow everywhere.\",\"3\":\"It cost more than the store brands A lot of the time the cost is very significate.\"},{\"1\":\"I can't drink any of the milk that was listed. my body doesn't take in regular milk so therefore I don't drink milk The only milk that I can drink is Soymilk\",\"2\":\"Borden milk is good The Product of the brand is good too However I stop using mik Product and change to Soymilk Soymilk is very goodit doesn't mess with my body\",\"3\":\"I can't drink the Product it doesn't agree with me I have pain in my stomach very hard sharp pain that why I can't drink milk\"},{\"1\":\"I first look for the cheapest price. If they are all compareable next comes taste. Then no added hormones. There is only one store brand that I really don't like the taste of and i clear away from it as much as possible.\",\"2\":\"It's just another brand name to me. I would buy it if it were comparable to other brand prices Saving money is important to me. I think there's alot of milk out there that tastes good. I won't buy Bordon's just because of their name but would however if it were as cheap as the other brands.\"},{\"1\":\"I'm not looking on the carton. Watching television.\",\"2\":\"I just want to try it for myself. I seen it on television and wanted to taste it myself.\"},{\"1\":\"Simply put the price. I figure all milk to be pretty much the same so I buy the least priced milk.\",\"2\":\"A cow since I remember that since I was a kid. Borden was probably one the few well known brands of dairy products in the stores when I was a kid so I always remember that cow and also associate the brand with cheese.\"},{\"1\":\"Taste price. If the better tasting milk is within ten to fifteen price difference of the other I'll generally buy it.\",\"2\":\"It's a brand I've known for YEARS I remember having it in the fridge as a kid. I just remember it being in the fridge as a kid.\"},{\"1\":\"There is not much choice where I shop most often. My husband is the one who shops for milk. He usually just gets the store brand.\",\"2\":\"Borden is a name I could trust. Maybe because it has been around a long time.\"},{\"1\":\"Price size My household use very liitle milk so i look for a small size to avoid waste\",\"2\":\"competive priced often on sale When i purchase milk this is one of the brand that i use because of the price\"},{\"1\":\"I buy what is on the shelf. I shop at the commissary.\",\"2\":\"I think it tastes great. If it did not have good taste I don't buy.\"},{\"1\":\"quality taste a trustworthy brand a good price if it tastes bad we won't purchase it again - taste is very important milk must taste fresh not have aftertastes must taste like milk is expected to taste\",\"2\":\"good but often too pricey bad economic times\",\"4\":\"sale price per ounce\"},{\"1\":\"quality and price milk tasting fresh\",\"2\":\"good nothing bad\",\"4\":\"only borden no other present\"},{\"1\":\"organic whole milk i try to stick with organic brands such as organic valley horizon.\"},{\"1\":\"my family only drinks two milk. other than that price is what i look for. all brands taste the same to us as long as it is two the price that is worth paying is always the lowest\",\"2\":\"it is usually higher-priced than other brand. don't know too much about it. my usual store doesn't carry the brand that i would be paying solely for the name brand not necessarily the quality of the milk\"},{\"1\":\"I usually buy the store brand two fat. The price is better and the quality is the same as the brand name. The taste is comparable to the national brand and cost a lot less.\"},{\"1\":\"the cheapest we go throughta lot of milk I buy the most cheapest\",\"2\":\"I like borden used it all tyhe time in Fla grew up on it it was the brand that we used\"},{\"1\":\"low fat lowst low fat\",\"2\":\"high cost its the highest\",\"4\":\"need ed milk at the time\"},{\"1\":\"Cheapest price and latest expiration date the cheapest price affects the brand selection. The expiration date only affects which container I purchase within the cheapest brand\",\"2\":\"I don't really have an opinion of the Borden brand because I've never tried it because it is never the cheapest brand. I usually always pick the cheapest brand because I don't really think there's a difference between the brands of milk as far as taste goes. I would have to have a taste comparison between the Borden brand and the great value brand for me to even consider switching brands. I would still pick price over taste because I'm used to the taste of the Great Value brand. If there was a significant taste difference then I would seriously consider the Borden brand as long as there wasn't too much of a price difference.\"},{\"1\":\"I don't care about the packaging at all. I'm looking for the cheapest price. It must be a good value. I'll buy a gallon of milk even if I only need a one two gallon due to overall price.\",\"2\":\"its good. it has a good taste.\"},{\"1\":\"i look for the price tast of the milk some milk tast better the others\",\"2\":\"it has a rich tast it it some milk tast weak and some have a heavey cream tast to them and i like the way bordens tast\",\"4\":\"the brand i all ways purchaseed was out so i got the borden milk i went to buy milk and the store brand was out so i pick up a gal of borden milk and i liked it\"},{\"1\":\"It must have a long sell by date so I know it is fresh. Also use only two . I compaRE PRICES TO GET THE LOWEST PRICE THAT MEETS MY REQUIREMENTS. A gallon of milk lasts about a week at my house so I want the sell by date to be at least that long or longer.\",\"2\":\"My first thought is of Elsie the cow. Then fresh healthy and good for you. It contains vitamins that support good health besides I think milk is an almost perfect food.\",\"3\":\"Being on a fixed income I have to compare brands and purchase the cheapest option that has the same benifits. If the cost of Borden's is 4.00 and the store brand is 3.25 I purchase thew cheaper one to stretch my food money.\"},{\"1\":\"price value healthy cost per ounce\",\"2\":\"its ok not a brand i nomally buy\"},{\"1\":\"the cheapest. milk down here range from 2.98 to 4.99\"},{\"1\":\"price The great Value milk in our area is Borden Why would I pay one more per gallon.\"},{\"1\":\"price fat content only buy two one or fat free\",\"2\":\"ellsie the cow thats all\"},{\"1\":\"My first and most important thing would have to be taste each brand is different and unique. I choose usually a two milk for my everyday consumption of regular white milk and for chocolate milk I usually purchase whole milk Barbers Dairy Fresh TruMoo . I have to have a long expiration date and I have to know that the product will taste good and is good for me The expiration date is not a determining factor in which brand I purchase if the date is not long enough for me in the brand I want I wll go to another store to puchase\",\"2\":\"The first thing that comes to mind is of course Elsie the cow and cheeses. I was not aware of the Borden milk until I recently saw the Bordens Chocolate Milk in a store I was shopping in\",\"3\":\"I did not purchase the milk because I purchased another brand my favorite brand of chocolate milk. I might would purchase and give it a try if I could find a coupon that would make it worth my while especially because I would not feel so bad if I could save a good amount with a coupon just in case I did not like it If I had a coupon I would have purchased the Bordens just to give it a try but with a limited budget these days I did not want to take a chance at buying such an expensive item without some significant savings just in case I did not like it and had to throw it out\"},{\"1\":\"I normally purchase milk based on the price. I have been drinking milk all of my life and I truly love milk and to me one brand taste like the other. I don't care for for fat free milk but I will drink two and every now and then I will purchase soy or organic. I don't notice a difference in the taste between the different brands.\",\"2\":\"I don't really have an overall impression. thinking about milk is not something i do however I do know it is a brand that has been around since childhood\",\"3\":\"The store brand is less expensive I try to save every where I can and since I don't really notice a difference in taste I buy the brand that cost the least amount of money.\"},{\"1\":\"I have conducted my own taste tests quality comparisons etc. For me the most important data on the exterior of the package are a Sell By Date and b Nutrition Information. After having actually purchased and sampled more than two brands of dairy milk I find no significant difference in taste or the degree of freshness. Therefore for me price per unit is the primary factor in making my purchasing decision. For me the consistency and texture of the liquid dairy milk are factors I use to make an assessment in terms of quality. Since I found these to be essentially the same in the brands I purchased sampled these were not necessarily factors in my purchasing decisions.\",\"2\":\"Initially the first thing to come to mind is this brand's iconic Elsie The Cow . The icon is nationally recognized and has been in-place for many years of my lifetime.\"},{\"1\":\"taste quality and mainly price if it looks right and not out of date\",\"2\":\"I never tried it just what it says I never bought Borden milk\",\"3\":\"just never thought about it I never thought about buying Borden milk I buy what I can afford\"},{\"1\":\"the wife wants more than two percent milk if its not red top we no buy\",\"2\":\"bordens a tru label from old bordens milk who replaced the biltmore dairies\",\"4\":\"no\"},{\"1\":\"I love Borden chocolate milk the best It has the best flavor of all chocolate milks\",\"2\":\"The cow on the label I just like Borden chocolate milk\",\"4\":\"Borden use to not be available in Wal-Mart in Florida until a few months ago One night I stopped to buy chocolate milk and I discovered Wal-Mart was carrying Borden products\"},{\"1\":\"don't drink much milk husband drinks almond i drink small bordens when I get ti my husband buys what he wants\",\"2\":\"looks good taste fresh milk taste bad when not fresh\",\"4\":\"looked fresh must be fresh\"},{\"1\":\"I buy gallon jugs. I look for two and nearly always buy Diary Fresh. I buy the milk with the longest expiration date shown.\",\"2\":\"Good brand. Im seventy four years old and have always known about No further comment.\",\"3\":\"No further comment. Nothing.\"},{\"1\":\"the price i feel most milks are the same so why pay moer\",\"2\":\"i feel if they make good cheese they can make good milk i've been eating Broden cheese since childhood\"},{\"1\":\"I look for a name brand and also consider prices. I always buy two milk to reduce the fat in our diets and always expect a long expiration date. I trust the quality of name brands.\",\"2\":\"Boden has always been there. Over the years we have purchased milk chocolte mile ice cream cream and other Borden porducts. I stated tha we have purchsed cream and ice cream products.\",\"4\":\"trust Borden Milk and prefer it over other brands What more can I say. We like Borden\"},{\"1\":\"good expired date at least two wks long. Quality of the milk and brand name. I trust some store brand from the quality of other items.\",\"2\":\"it has always been a great tasting milk when i was growing up i only ate or drinked what i liked and i liked the taste\",\"3\":\"great value is just as good to me it is less and you can add match store brand\"},{\"1\":\"Lately I only buy Browns fat free milk. Due to it always tasting fresh and has long shelf life. I will buy bordens or dairy fresh but only if I can't get Browns. I don't like any of the prices of milk these days. But browns milk is cheaper most of the time. Not many stores carry browns milk which is sad b c its good milk. I have found that the off brand milks never last long at all usually spoils within two days of opening. I just don't buy it any more. Bordens and Dairy Fresh are second best. I buy it in fat free version only if I can't get Browns. I lasts longer than others besides Bordens. They ask to much for it.\",\"2\":\"It is a very good milk that comes in different varities. I have used it when I couldn't get dairy Fresh or Browns. It has a good sell by date that usually holds up to it. It is a milk that is natural. They are very close to each other in taste and freshness. I like them both.\",\"4\":\"I was at Walmart and they didn't have my Browns milk in fat free so I purchased We have to use fat free milk since my hubby had a liver transplant. We have to watch how much fat content goes into him. He has to have lots of calcuim so it likes milk a lot trust me three-four gallons in one-one two weeks. Trust me we keep the milk company in business. Fat free milk is easier to drink with out all the sinus problems that sometimes happen from it.\"},{\"1\":\"The expiration date and a mount of Fat two less fat\"},{\"1\":\"Price expiration date I always want non-fat milk which ever is cheaper\",\"2\":\"very expensive I don't buy it because it it to expensive\"},{\"1\":\"Kroger fat-freee milk os almost as good as whole milk. The carton conainers keep the milk fresh longer than plastic ones. I would rather have the cartons as it fits into the refrigerator better\",\"2\":\"used to buy bordens but the fat free doesn't taste as good I have heart disease and require fat free so I can enjoy milk products I don't especially like Bordrns fat free taste\",\"3\":\"just do not like the taste of it as much as organic again I do not like Bordons milk\"},{\"1\":\"I look for a barnd that is a good name barnd then I look at the price to see if I can afford it then I make my selection I compair price with all of the brands that is located in the milk bend before maning my selection\",\"2\":\"Bordens milk is a brand that I grew up with and it a very good milk however I am on a fixed income and I cant really afford to buy the Bordens brand anymore When I shop I have to consider the prices of milk and I ahve found no matter how much that I like Bordens milk Great Value is a much cheeper brand and it tase good as well.\",\"3\":\"The price between Bordens milk and Great Value is the reason that I dont purchase Bordens milk I mentioned value it the name of the other brand of milk Great Value and it is cheaper than Bordens\"},{\"1\":\"Fat Free or skimmed milk Fat content does not impact my decision as to which brand to buy I buy fat free milk\",\"2\":\"Is an excellent product Is a quality product\",\"3\":\"I like the Dairy Fresh product and it is in the store where I purchase milk It did not impact my decision. I buy Dairy Fresh because it is in the store I shop for milk\"},{\"1\":\"i really dont look at the packaging i buy based on taste my children like again i do not look at packaging\",\"2\":\"i guess its ok i am allergic to milk but its my kids that drink it i am allergic to all milk if ingested straight up\"},{\"1\":\"the cheapest if the name brand is within ten cents of the store brand i will buy the name brand\"},{\"1\":\"i choose milk which comes in the smaller containers with the longest expiration dates. we don't use much milk and i like to buy which ever brand has the longest freshness dates.\",\"2\":\"a good quality milk my husband like the taste\",\"4\":\"it had a longer expiration date than the other milk on the shelf the other brands were expiring in a few days\"},{\"1\":\"I look for two milk. I look for the best value for my money. I also take into consideration the size I look to purchase. i make sure that the date is a good date. I do not like to over buy. I only purchase what I need for the week.\",\"2\":\"It is a brand that I trust to always taste great and have good nutrition Taste is important to me and other do not taste as well they seem to have more water in them\",\"3\":\"I have purchased borden must have failed to input that info sorry Because I failed to add that to my answer\"},{\"1\":\"YES THE FRESNESS AND TASTE AND THE LENGHT OF TIME ON TE MILK PRODUCTS. MOST STORE BRANDS NAMES SPOILEDS TO FAST. IV'E HAVE BOUGHT BORDENS MILK AND IT LASTED A GREAT WHILE. THE DAIRY FRESH MILK DOESN'T LAST A GOOD TIME AS WELL. I LOOK AT THE EXPIRERATION DATE ON THE MILK WHICH DOESN'T GIVE YOU MUCH TIME TO LAST AFTER BUYING FROM THE STORE. IT'S THE FRESHNESS IN THE MILK. THE TASTE IS FRESHER KNEWER AND NOT ALOT OF AFTER TASTE OF MILK THAT HAS BEEN SITTING IN THE CONTAINER WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO PURCHASES.\",\"2\":\"FRESHNESS TASTE BECAUSE OF THE BRAND NAME AND THE FRESHNESS IN THE MILK.\",\"4\":\"AGAIN IT'S THE FRESHNESS OF THE TASTE OF BORDENS MILK WHICH TASTE BETTER THEN THE STORE BRAND MILK IT IMPACTED MY FOODS FOR FRESHNESS AND THE TASTE\"},{\"1\":\"The per fat in the milk a well know brand of milk products. We are on low fat for our health and advised by our Dr. The well established brand of milk products i choose.\",\"2\":\"Good brand. It been aROUND FOR SEVERAL YEARS I ASSUME IT IS a good brand.\",\"3\":\"I have bought B orden Milk but i usually use Barber because of years of buyiny that. A rerliable company.\"},{\"1\":\"What I look for when buying milk is mostly price. Sometime I want one but at the same price. All milk prices are high however store brands are a little cheaper unless there are coupons. The expiration date is about the same.\",\"2\":\"Borden milk is good I used to purchase it years ago. Got away from it due to price. If I was just buying milk when I buy grocery I could afford to buy any brand. I have to have a little meat and it's expensive also.\",\"3\":\"Because it's expensive. Nothing personal just cost.\"},{\"1\":\"First I look for one or one Plus in one qt. or two qt containers It is important that it is resealable plastic and that it has a long expiration date stamped on it.\",\"2\":\"Borden is a good brand so assume their milk is also. It is a trusted brand.\"},{\"1\":\"brands price If the brand I like isn't too expensive I'll get it. Otherwise I'll get something cheaper\",\"2\":\"the cow I dunno\",\"4\":\"I like it. It's familiar oh y gi\"},{\"1\":\"cheapest milk is milk\"},{\"1\":\"I consider the taste cost and wheither it is whole milk or two . Some brands are to creamy I don.t care for that.\",\"2\":\"The Cow. I remember the cow on the TV.\"},{\"1\":\"Type of milk and cost. I usually check the weekly grocery circulars and compare the price to that at Sam's.\",\"2\":\"Cost more than the store brand. Because when shopping I check the prices of like items.\"},{\"1\":\"I use any milk that is natural. One I think it's better for you. Two it does not spoil as quick as processed milk. There is only two people in this family and processed milk spoils to quick. After that it's just price comparison. Any brand of organic milk is fine.after that it's price comparison not packaging.\"},{\"1\":\"A brand that stays fresher longer than most price is also a big factor Have found that some store brands stay fresher longer than the major brands.\",\"2\":\"Have always thought that it was a very good brand Just a trusted brand has been around for a very long time\"},{\"1\":\"I look at the prices. I think all milk is basically the same regualr milk not soy since I do not drink soy milk . I usually get the Kroger brand of chocolate milk because it comes in two . The Kroger brand is usually on sales and seems to last just as long as the other brands of milk. I have used that brand for years and think it is just as good as the big name brands like Borden's .\",\"2\":\"I think Borden is a great brand of milk. It always tastes good. I think of Elsie when I think of Borden. I grew up drinking Borden. I think personally it is a good brand from a very well-known company.\"},{\"1\":\"When shopping for milk I consider brand over product. I like the taste of a certain brand.\",\"2\":\"I do not like Borden. I don't like the taste of Borden milk.\",\"4\":\"My spouse purchased because the brand we usually purchase was not in stock. If the store had our brand of milk in stock my spouse would not have purchased Borden.\"},{\"1\":\"what ever is the cheapest I only use milk for cooking and coffee so what ever is cheap is great\",\"2\":\"comes in a can that I can put on the shelf until i need it I don't use a lot of milk but when I do I have to go to the store a buy it unless I have a can of milk on the shelf\"},{\"1\":\"cost If one brand cost four and another cost four I will get the cheaper kind.\",\"2\":\"It is expensive I saw the brand in the store. The cost is higher than other brands so I don't buy it.\"},{\"1\":\"I only buy one brand of buttermilk Dairy Fresh. I buy two store brand milk. I cook with Dairy Fresh Buttermilk. It's the best. If the store I'm at does not carry Dairy Fresh I go to another store.\",\"2\":\"Borden costs more I prefer Dairy Fresh or store brand. It tastes better.\",\"3\":\"It costs more. Money is money then there is taste. I prefer Dairy Fresh.\"},{\"1\":\"I look for the best price on the type of milk we dink - skin and two The cost is the determining factor for which brand I choose.\",\"2\":\"I like Borden milk. It tends to cost more than the store brand so I don't purchase it. Cost comparison\",\"3\":\"Cost You can tell this is computer generated questions because obviously the reason is clear - I'm looking for the best price I can get on the product. The quality of the store brand compares to the higher priced name brand. I'm going to save my money.\"},{\"1\":\"I usually purchase the least expensive fat free milk. I don't taste much difference in the brand of the milk If I need it I will buy it no matter what the cost is so I will just buy the cheapest at the store I happen to be at\",\"2\":\"the cow on the carton i like cows so it catches my eye\"},{\"1\":\"I check out the price and then look at the expiration date to see who has the latest date. If whole milk has the longest expiration date then I will buy that one but if the two has the longest date then that is the one I buy I try to buy the milk that gives me the most days to use it plus I know that some store brand milk does last up to the expiration date therefore i no longer buy that brand. Mostly I use the milk basically everyday and I need the expiration date that gives me the most days to use it\",\"2\":\"For me all milk taste the same but I don't like the taste of milk and therefore I only use it for cereal or baking I don't like milk and if it wasn't for eating cereal or cooking I wouldn't buy it at all therefore all of it taste the same except whole milk taste better than two and two milk taste better than one which I don't buy one at all.\"},{\"1\":\"First thing I go by is taste and the sell by date. I like at least six or seven days.The 2nd is the price. The packaging is not a big factor as long as it is sturdy leak proof. On the outside printing I like for the print of the kind of milk to be large it also needs to have list of calories ect.\",\"2\":\"Borden milk is always good . It usually costs a little more but taste beats price most of the time. The taste seams to be richer . Even in the skim milk.\"},{\"1\":\"expiration date I buy my brand two the APPREANCE OG THE CASE AND THE PROFUCT\",\"2\":\"essie the cow the cow on the jug\"},{\"1\":\"DOn't look for anything on packaging except that it's two . No brand is different than another. Milk is Milk Has no impact\",\"2\":\"Have never tried it I've never purchased Boren brand milk\"},{\"1\":\"Usually buy skim milk - buy lowest priced milk no fat\",\"2\":\"well known brand high value\"},{\"1\":\"I find the type of milk I want whole milk then I choose the cheapest brand. I buy the cheapest. period.\",\"2\":\"Good brand but costs forty -forty five more than store brand. Store brand costs so much less and I have to buyt three gallons per week.so the cost really adds up.\",\"3\":\"borden cost forty-forty five more.to much when you have to buy three gallons per week. this is repetitive.i just said why\"},{\"1\":\"low fat look at expiration dates I choose the milk that has the longest expiration date\",\"2\":\"wholesome not sure what you are looking for wholesome is the first word that comes to mind when I see that brand\"},{\"1\":\"price taste by the quality\",\"2\":\"na na ma\",\"4\":\"price taste na\"},{\"1\":\"i look for price expiration date and two milk products. whatever milk costs less\"},{\"1\":\"I do not drink milk. My family eats very little cereal. I usually only buy milk for recipes or for company. We do not drink much milk at all.\",\"2\":\"Good long term company Borden has been around for a long time.\",\"4\":\"I check freshness dates - really nothing else. I purchase the longest freshness date.\"},{\"1\":\"I like whole fresh milk. I want it cold and not have a chalky taste. I check the date on milk and want is fresh. It has a better taste.\",\"2\":\"Good taste. Out last expire date. It last longer and I know that it will not sour before full useage.\",\"4\":\"It was fresh and had the longest expiration date. All the dates were the longest.\"},{\"1\":\"usually what is on sale as long as it is two or skim if i can save fifty cents or more i usually get the cheaper\",\"2\":\"great milk but usually higher the prices of borden are usually higher here than other milk\",\"4\":\"it was the only one the store had in stock sold out of everything but borden\"},{\"1\":\"I don't drink much milk but my husband does. I usually look at price and at sell by date and make sure it's real cold because I have at least a fifteen minute drive home from store. I buy brands my husband likes.\",\"2\":\"Borden is a brand that's been around a very long time and is a trusted brand. We always want to get the best buy for our money and my husband wants milk that tastes good.\",\"3\":\"Most times I buy store brand but have bought Borden. Usually store brand is priced lower.\"},{\"1\":\"I choice the least expensive brand I always buy the store brand because it is cheaper I'm a field service tech for equipment at several customers so I know the only difference is the label\",\"2\":\"I haven't had it in years thirty five plus I haven't had it since I was a kid\"},{\"1\":\"I buy the store brand because it is cheaper. It is usually Shurfine that I buy at Super Foods. It is cheaper so I usually buy it.\",\"2\":\"I have always loved Borden products. I remember this brand from my childhood. Love the cow. I think the cow on Borden may be part of the reason I started collecting cow stuff as I grew older.\"},{\"1\":\"Look for low fat. Look for lower prices. Try to choose a brand that has one fat.\",\"2\":\"Trusted name brand Company has been around a long time. Obviously a quality product.\",\"4\":\"Was available in a local store and met my needs at that time. Sometimes need items from a store close to home.\"},{\"1\":\"date price type of milk i need for a certain recipe\",\"2\":\"quality quality brand name\"},{\"1\":\"price buy lowest price skim milk\",\"2\":\"nothing special milk is milk\"},{\"1\":\"I purchase some brands because I prefer the taste and the price is within my budget. Mainly it is the taste and that depends on what food the cows are given or where they are pastured. Having grown up on a farm I am particularly sensitive to the various flavers milk can have. the milk I purchase has a sweeter taste from cows eating fresh sweet grass or hay other milk has a tendency to a bitter after taste from a lower grade of hay with a lot of weeds\",\"2\":\"Borden's has always been one of the top brands but lately I felt that they have been overpriced. My budjet will not allow me to indulge in excessive spending. My favorite milk Flavorite Dairy is more moderately priced and has a very sweet taste. That is my preference to purchase.\",\"3\":\"I told you before that I preferred another brand . It tastes much better and is cheaper. I do not think one has to have a reason to save money if a brand is equally good or better but is considerably cheaper I would be lax if I purchased the more expensive product just to buy a nationally known highly advertised brand.\"},{\"1\":\"It really just depends on what store I am in and what they carry since not all stores carry the same brands. I usually go for whatever is the cheapest.depending on what size container I need We do not drink a lot of milk only use for certain things so with just two of us in the house I do not buy large containers any more and not all brands carry a smaller size.less than one two gallon. I hate to have to poor it down the drain if it spoils before I can use it.\",\"2\":\"Nothing really.they do have a much thicker container than most. I never notice any difference in flavor so there is no difference there. because I like a stronger container.most are so thin and flexable you don't know if you hit it on something if it will crack or not.I just like having a thicker container.I trust it more\",\"4\":\"actually it was the only brand they had where I stopped and I was in a hurry to get home because I was in a hurry and they did not have another brand there so I just pick that brand up.\"},{\"1\":\"The only thing I look for in milk is the price and what percent of fat it is. Those are the two main factors in selecting what brand of milk I will purchase. I am not a milk drinker and I only use milk for occasional cereal and mostly for cooking and baking.\",\"2\":\"Elsie the cow is the image I get when I think of Borden milk. Its the milk I grew up on and I once took a field trip to the Borden milk plant when I was in elementary of jr. high school Junior high school or middle school we went and saw the the cows hooked up to the machines and watched the milk be pumped and processed. We actually had a chance to milk a cow manually first before we saw the automated process.\"},{\"1\":\"Normally buy two milk in store brand.whatever is best price I prefer publix but buy any of the others if I am in need of milk and I am in the store\",\"2\":\"carton is attractive if it looks clean and fresh on the outside I assume that some care went into the packaging\",\"3\":\"price I refuse to buy name brand when store brand is as g0d\"},{\"1\":\"Price fat content I want only fat free\"},{\"1\":\"Honestly I do not choose a milk based on brand but on price. I have boys so I usually buy whole or two . I will not pay five or six dollars for milk. I usually buy the store brand.\",\"2\":\"It is expensive. It costs too much to purchase.\"},{\"1\":\"Taste cost How long it stay s fresh\",\"2\":\"Trusted brand Has been around for a long time\"},{\"1\":\"taste price how much money i have to spend\",\"2\":\"good it tastes good\",\"3\":\"price im on a fixed income\"},{\"1\":\"The price is usually the determining factor but if the Milk doesn't taste like we like we will ot buy that brand again. If it's fifty cents or more off it's worth buying at least once to see if it's worth buying more often.\",\"2\":\"It's a good breand of milk but tends to be a bit pricey It usually cost's more than the store brands for the price difference it's not worth the tatse differnece\",\"4\":\"At the time it was the only brande available without going to another store I didn't want to go to another store just for milk so we paid the extra cost for borden\"},{\"1\":\"Freshness and taste I drink low or no fat milk and have found the Kroger Brand to taste as good or better than name brands.\",\"2\":\"Good quality. Trusted Brand It's a brand I grew up with and have always been satisfied with. If my mother bought it it had to be good.\",\"3\":\"Habit. Kroger Brand is generally a better price at the store where I do most of my shopping. If I shop elsewhere I generally boy Borden For the same taste and quality I purchase the cheaper brand.\"},{\"1\":\"I don't compare anything. I just grab whatever Homogenized that is on the shelf. I am not choosy. Milk is Milk\",\"2\":\"Same as other milks. I only use it for cooking so it doesn't matter if it is Borden As I said before they all taste alike.\"},{\"1\":\"The price. I usually purchase the lowest priced milk.\",\"2\":\"It is more expensive than the store brand. Because the store brand is less expensive.\"},{\"1\":\"I don't know\",\"2\":\"It's a good milk It comes from cows\"},{\"1\":\"Price Pick lowest price\",\"2\":\"They been making milk products for a lot of years so they should know what they are doing. My parents bought Borden products when I was a child and I remember seeing Elsie the cow commercial as a child.\",\"4\":\"Had a coupon that made it same price as store brand. I have limited funds and must choose the least expensive.\"},{\"1\":\"the cheapest brand milk is milk\",\"2\":\"when my mom used to make cake with the milk in a can that was the kind she would use in alabama it do not come in a jug\"},{\"1\":\"Price fat free I try to buy on sale or where the price is the lowest. We drink a lot of milk\",\"2\":\"Elsie the cow --- I remember her ever since I was a small child. When I think of Borden I think of Elsie the cow --- good memories of childhood\",\"3\":\"It isn't on sale often and it isn't the lowest price I buy milk that is lowest price\"},{\"1\":\"I buy two milk and look at the expiration date and the price brand is not a consideration unless the price is the same I buy milk by the gallon and price is the entire determination - I've never found one brand better then another\",\"2\":\"I have a very good impression of the Borden brand and have know it for a long time. It is a trusted brand I grew up in Wisconsin which is dairy country and just have known about Borden and feel comfortable in buying any of their products\"},{\"1\":\"We rarely use milk therefore I go with the cheapest in the two brands I trust either Borden or Dairy Fresh. I look at expiration date to make sure it hasn't expired or is about to expire. I only buy a quart or pint when I need milk use milk for cooking The price is usually better than Borden brand.\",\"2\":\"It is a brand that has been trusted for as long as I can remember. Trust that it is good quality.\",\"4\":\"I only wanted a pint of milk and Borden was the only brand I could find at the time. sense Borden was a brand I usually purchase and it was available in a pint that is what I purchased\"},{\"1\":\"location price convience how far will i have to go in a store if i'm only purchasing milk\",\"2\":\"don't buy i don't use not available where i shop\"},{\"1\":\"Price and freshness Consider all milk about the same so price is biggest driver if fresh\",\"2\":\"Name brand usually more expensive than others Price is most important factor in purchase of all milk brands. Rarely buy Bordens due to price unless have a coupon which drives the price below other brands.\",\"3\":\"High price. Lowest price gets my business. Move on.\"},{\"1\":\"tastes like real milk tastes like milk not watered down milk\",\"2\":\"good makes good milk and good glue tastes good\"},{\"1\":\"quality price date price of milkl\",\"2\":\"its ok its ok ok no more\"},{\"1\":\"I prefer it not to have antibiotic and hormone residue. Price is also important as is the fact that it comes in skim. Although not always affordable I prefer knowing our milk is free from these when possible\",\"2\":\"It is a longstanding trusted name in milk products. It inspires confidence that the product will be good as there is a good name to protect.\"},{\"1\":\"It has to be lactose free. Also I prefer fat free. Fat free.\",\"2\":\"I have no impression because they do not sell lactose free milk. Go where.\"},{\"1\":\"Freshness and taste of the milk. Just right\",\"2\":\"Mother used it and trusted it ever since. My mother gave it to us when we were young. So I keeped using it for my children.\"},{\"1\":\"Taste Only purchase milk that we like the taste of.\",\"2\":\"We prefer Borden milk- it tastes great and is not too thin. We really like how this milk tastes\",\"4\":\"My family prefers Borden milk because of its taste and its thickness We like how it tastes.\"},{\"1\":\"I look for the freshest date on the package for it to be two fat milk and the best price. The expiration date for the milk has to be at least seven days from when I buy it so it will not spoil before it is used.\",\"2\":\"It is a well known brand that has been around for a long time and is of good quality A brand that is of good quality means that it will be good for my family\",\"4\":\"I know that it is of good quality and it was within my price range when I have bought it. I compare all brands available and make my decision to buy based on quality and price\"},{\"1\":\"Smart Balance last a lot loger. It tastes the same after thirty days. Most other milk gets sour after ten or so days.\",\"2\":\"I like there chocolate milk. Borden makes one of the best. I have been drinking it for over forty years.\"},{\"1\":\"price purchase lowest priced milk\",\"2\":\"i don't buy too expensive\"},{\"1\":\"price and exp. date a huge difference in savings can make me pick it instead of the higher price becuase after all its still milk\",\"2\":\"trusted brand but to expensive other products have always been good\",\"3\":\"to expensive i have small budget so have to go with the best price\"},{\"1\":\"Price is the only thing I consider when buying milk. I feel that milk is milk is milk doesn't matter who's name is on the label. I simply look for the cheapest per gallon that I see. I scan the prices and pick up the cheapest it's that simple.\"},{\"1\":\"All brands are equal. We buy by lowest price available. Posted prices at the store.\",\"2\":\"Equal to all other brands We see no difference in any brand.\"},{\"1\":\"I shop for skim milk only. I think all milk is the same and will buy the cheapest skim milk with the best expiration date. I try to buy all my milk when in a membership store such as Costco. I find the price on their store brand is best and the milk is excellent.\",\"2\":\"I think Borden is a good brand but I believe milk is milk. I have faith in Borden milk because I've used their cheese and think it's an excellent product.\"},{\"1\":\"IT HAS two HAVE two LOW IN CARBS SODIUM HEALTH REQS\",\"2\":\"I LIKED IT AS A KID AND STILL LIKE IT AS AN ADULT IT HAD DISAPPEARED FRM MY AREA FOR YEARS AND AM REALLY GLAD two SEE IT BAK CAUSE ITS TRUE\",\"4\":\"LOVED IT AS A KID SO WAS GLAD two B ABLE two BUY IT AS AN ADULT SAME GREAT TASTE JUST NOW I DRINK IT W LESS FAT\"},{\"1\":\"I only look at the cheapest price. Then once I find the lowest price I get the style of milk we always choose. All depends on if I need milk that day if I will be going by another store were I know it is cheaper or I just feel like getting it then no matter what the price.\",\"2\":\"I think quality and good taste. They have a good creamy taste.\",\"3\":\"It is always way more expensive than the store brand. To me all milk tastes the same so I will go with the less expensive brand.\"},{\"1\":\"Low or no fat and long epiration date I choose a brand with a long expiration date then pick the fat free unless the low fat has a longer expiration date\",\"2\":\"No impression I have no impression at all\",\"3\":\"I buy the longest sell by date It lasts longer\"},{\"1\":\"how much does it cost I get the most for the least\",\"2\":\"good priced right\",\"3\":\"I have purchased borden milk I needed milk borden was a good buy\"},{\"1\":\"I only look at the name brand price and if it whole milk or reduced fat. I always buy whole milk. If it says two or one fat I will not buy it. It has to be whole milk. I was raised on fresh from the cow farm milk so most of what I buy in the store tastes watered down.\",\"2\":\"The Borden brand has been around for along time. I would definitely trust and buy it if it were available in my area. I have not seen it in any of my stores. I have used other Borden products over the years and have been very satisfied with them.\"},{\"1\":\"I usually buy the store brand. It's less expensive and i really like the taste. I think it tastes better than Dairy Fresh.\",\"2\":\"never tried borden milk. Have never bought it.\"},{\"1\":\"The taste the sugars and the freshness of the milk are very important factors. One store brand of Lactaid has less sugar than the other and one brand of two milk has more sugar than other milks. Because Im a diabetic this plays very much to my overall health. The fresh taste makes me want to stay with one brand. Lactaid has a sort of good taste but I stay with it because I am lactose intolerant. The store brand has a good refreshing taste but it has more sugars than others. So.I have to be aware.\",\"2\":\"That the milk is from the FRESHEST cows. Borden over the years has given me fresh tasting milk. I have enjoyed that fresh taste for many years.\",\"3\":\"Oh.sorry. Some times we have seen Borden milk but we have stuck with what we like. However when the store runs out of what we need we will buy the Borden.\"},{\"1\":\"I do not choose milk for the added ingredients I pick it for the natural ingredients and taste. Different dairies use milk form different breeds of cows the milk tastes different. I find the one with the best flavor to me and that is the one I purchase.\",\"2\":\"Have never opurchased I didn't buy ANY\"},{\"1\":\"I buy skim milk because I only use in cereal. My husband drinks it with chocolate syrup. My husband likes skim milk also he's not picky\",\"2\":\"It's milk It's a brand that's been around for a long time\"},{\"1\":\"price and name brand. The cost is very important to my decision to buy any name brand because I trust name brands.\",\"2\":\"Trusted bran and taste. Taste is important to me.\",\"4\":\"price and taste. Comparing the price to other name brands.\"},{\"1\":\"Cost taste quality calories I compare it to price for similar size product at other stores\",\"2\":\"It's a good brand It's been around for years\",\"3\":\"It's priced higher than other brands It costs more than other brands\"},{\"1\":\"Love all milk but have switched to soy milk for health purposes. My husband drinks two real milk. My husband has type two diabetes so has reduced his fat intake and drinks two\",\"2\":\"Loved it. Really loved it.\"},{\"1\":\"First I look for the fat percentage one . Then I look at the price. If there is not much difference in price then I choose the more well known brand. If it is only a few cents more for the brand name then I get that.\",\"2\":\"I like the brand and often buy their cheeses. Because they are cheaper than Kraft but are still hgih quality\",\"3\":\"I buy so much milk I am not sure if I have bought it. I am pretty sure that we have. I am familiar with it and have seen it.\"},{\"1\":\"I live alone and one thing I look for is the expiration date. Also I buy two or skim milk. Because I don't use or drink milk on a daily basis I want to have the milk be palatable as long as possible.\",\"2\":\"I remember Borden milk as a child - I remember Elsie nthe Borden cow. First my fingers don't work as well as they used to since I had a stroke. It should have said Elsie the Borden cow. I would see ads in the paper and there was a Borden plant in the city where I lived.\",\"4\":\"I am handicapped and had to ask someone to reach the milk for me to put it into my electric cart. Borden Milk was the right price and use by date. Usually the store brand is cheaper but I wanted the longest shelf life milk.\"},{\"1\":\"Price All locally available brands equally good so buy cheapest\",\"2\":\"Seldom buy other local brand better buy The Borden is higher prices and local brand equally good\",\"3\":\"As I answered before it is higher priced What else can I say\"},{\"1\":\"I really dont care what brandd we get two it is sold in the commisary were we buy must of our food including milk nothing i just get it off the shelf we really do not drink milk my husband uses it to bake with\",\"2\":\"I dont drink it so I really dont have and opinion about it I dont drink milk so I have no idea how it tastes or anything else about it\"},{\"1\":\"a brand that doesnt have a lot of fat and is healthy less fat better for you\"},{\"1\":\"I don't like green labels or green print on milk labels - don't know why but I don't purchase milk products that have this. I need to clearly see the expiration date - if I can't read the date or the date is within a few days I don't purchase it. I look for the fat . I do price comparision between store brand and name brand milk. I usually will purchase Great Value or Publix store brand milk. The price is better than name brand and I've not had any issues with the store brands.\",\"2\":\"The cow on the label. Seen it since I was a child. This means it has been around for years.\"},{\"1\":\"lowest price lowest price milk is milk\",\"2\":\"price is higher always buy lowest priced milk\"},{\"1\":\"I buy two milk and I usually buy the cheapest brand available. The brands I purchase are usually available in the stores when i am shopping. If there is a good coupon I might buy a more expensive brand for example Borden or Barber's. The Dairy Fresh is one i often buy but if Flavorite Great Value WinnDixie brands are cheaper I'll buy them.\",\"2\":\"It has always been a high quality product. Since it is relatively new to this area it seems to be more expensive than other brands. I grew up drinking this brand in California but here in Alabama it is a new brand.\",\"3\":\"Even with the coupon I had it would have cost more than Winn Dixie brand. Everything is getting more expensive and there are times when our milk goes sour before use all of it. We don't use as much milk as we did when my sons were under eighteen.\"},{\"1\":\"I go by the price of the milk and then the expiration date I want to get the best date even if the brand costs more\",\"2\":\"Borden is a good brand of milk and in my opinion makes the best chocolate milk. It is an overall good company\",\"3\":\"Borden milk usually costs more. I mainly buy store brand I need to cut costs in my household and I buy the cheapest milk\"},{\"1\":\"I look for whole milk not two or skim milk. I think the whole milk taste better.\"},{\"1\":\"Cost brand how the standards meet the other brands. The cost is very imporant and well as the brand.\",\"2\":\"Well know brand has been around for a long time. I have been seeing it in stores for many years.\",\"3\":\"I have purchased it but not in the past few months. I found another brand that is just as good for less money.\"},{\"1\":\"price i choose the lowest price milk. they are all the same.\",\"2\":\"elsie the cow the spokesperson for the product is a cow I like that\"},{\"1\":\"iI can only drink soy milk. I have a mikl allegry\"},{\"1\":\"Fat free price We only use Skim or Fat Free Milk for drinking but use other fat content milk for baking or cooking occasionally\",\"2\":\"It is a known quality brand having been around for years. It is not currently available where I live so I don't have much experience with it. As a child we drank Seal-test It doesn't make any difference to me since it is not available for me to purchase where I live\"}]}}";

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