Survey Platforms

While the ITB can be used in a wide range of applications, it is most commonly used in survey platforms. As long as you can embed JavaScript into the survey page, you can use the ITB on that page.

Below you will find guides on how to use the ITB in popular platforms. Keep in mind you are not limited to these platforms. If you use a platform not listed here and need additional help feel free to contact us for help.

Please keep in mind this guides should be used as a starting point only. They may need to be customized for your survey and specific needs. Survey platforms are continuously evolving so if one of these guide is not accurate please let us know.


The Quester ITB is available as a Confirmit Flex Extension. To enable the extension in your Confirmit account send an email to A Confirmit Flex Extension is a prebuilt app / plugin which makes using the Quester ITB as easy as any of the other standard objects in Confirmit. No coding or technical knowledge is needed.

You can also use the ITB in Confirmit by following the below instructions.

Quester ITB with Confirmit – V1.0.0

Text files of code snippets:


In additional to setting up the Quester ITB following the steps below we can also automatically add the ITB to your Survey Gizmo account. This requires no additional work on your end. To do this simply send us an email at Or follow the directions below to setup the ITB.

Quester ITB with SurveyGizmo – V1.0.0

Custom Question XML


Quester ITB with Qualtrics – V1.0.2

Text files of code snippets:
Qualtrics-Code-1 – V1.0.2.txt
Qualtrics-Code-2 – V1.0.2.txt
Qualtrics-Code-3 – V1.0.2.txt

Survey Analytics

Quester ITB with Survey Analytics – V1.0.0

Text file of code snippet:

Sawtooth Software SSI Web

Quester ITB with Sawtooth Software SSI Web – V1.0.0

Text files of code snippets:

Verint – Vovici

Quester ITB with Verint – Vovici – V1.0.0

Text file of code snippet: